Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists (PT’s) are highly-experienced, licensed health care professionals who provide drug free methods such as: stretching, strengthening, exercises, manual therapy, and other physiotherapy techniques designed to relax, retrain, and recondition the muscles that have been injured in any way.

Our Chandler physical therapists works hand in hand with our chiropractic team to accomplish the goal of pain relief by addressing specific needs, educating the patient, and customizing rehabilitation programs. While Chiropractors address specific spinal subluxations, physical therapists focus on the poorly conditioned muscle that can pull the spine right back out of place. The physical therapist will educate you on correct form for your individual exercises and stretches until you are comfortable doing them on your own at home. Throughout our treatment plan we will re-assess your progress and adjust the intensity and frequency of exercises and/or stretches to keep you on target for a full recovery.

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physical therapy chandler

Our PT, Dr. Brandon, working with a patient

physical therapy area

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