Adjustment Techniques

Diversified Full Spine Adjusting

The most commonly used chiropractic adjustment technique, which utilizes a high velocity, low amplitude thrust (quick, short thrust), to correct and adjust misalignments/subluxations/joint restrictions.  The adjusting is done to specific vertebrae and joints in a specific direction with a specific force to align those vertebrae or joints and to restore normal ranges of motion.

Extremity Adjusting

Extremity adjustments are performed on joints of the upper (arm) and lower (leg) extremities.  This is performed on the joints of the arms and legs which are misaligned/restricted in certain ranges of motion, with the end goal to reduce pain and restore full functional ranges of motion.

Activator©/Adjustor© Instrument

The Activator© and Adjustor© instruments are hand-held mechanical instruments used to deliver a safe and effective adjustment to specific spinal and/or extremity joint.  The instruments are used on certain parts of a joint which is misaligned or restricted and then delivers a mechanical impulse in a specific direction to correct/adjust a misalignment/subluxation/joint restriction.  These instruments and techniques are used in lieu of the traditional manual adjustment.

Drop Table Technique

Drop table technique is a technique that incorporates moveable, pneumatic drop pieces of the chiropractic table.  The drop pieces are elevated and adjusted to each patient’s weight and need, and then a manual thrust is applied to a specific joint misalignment/subluxation.  As the thrust is delivered, the drop pieces give away, allowing for enhanced motion force of the thrust to the patient. This enables some patient’s to tolerate a manual adjustment more easily.